WRMP 2019 Methods – Risk Based Planning


As part of the UKWIR WRMP 2019 Methods Programme, the Risk Based Methods Project was commissioned to provide practitioners with a new set of tools with which they can evaluate supply, demand and investment risks and incorporate them into the WRMP decision making process. These are described in a fully structured process that incorporates existing methods, but allows practitioners to use the new methods where it is appropriate and proportionate to do so. The use of risk based planning allows practitioners to better understand the current and future drought risks that they face, and create stronger links between the WRMP and the Drought Plan.
The guidance has been written to be fully compatible with, and act as a support to, the UKWIR WRMP 2019 Decision Making Processes guidance. It also contains guidelines for communicating risk and uncertainty, and allows practitioners to structure risk and uncertainty within the WRMP in a way that is technically compatible with the statements that are used in that communication.
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UKWIR Reference:- 16/WR/02/11

Published Date:- 03/05/2016

Retail Price (£):- 60

ISBN:- 1 84057 814 9


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